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St. John's Book Launch
Chapters, Kenmount Road, St. John's

On Friday evening, September 26, 2008 we had our St. John's launch at Chapters. I got the surprise of my life when a limo came and picked me up. My family had arranged it and I never knew! There was a good turnout for a Friday night. Many of my St. John's/Mount Pearl/Paradise friends came along. I was very grateful to them all. I read an excerpt from my book and explained to the people what happened in the small town of Badger in 1959 and how it affected the whole province. Many friends had already bought the book and read it so we had a great discussion. Others lined up to buy it. It was a great evening. Finally, it was all over, and Joe, the limo driver escorted me to the limo to go home.


A stretch limo pulled up outside my door.


My family had hired it to take me to Chapter's.

I was so excited. Katie was too!

The kiddies were beside themselves!

Here's Mom getting aboard the limo too.

Arriving at Chapter's


Standing at the bookstand


Jackie Walsh brought me flowers!


Katie poses with me


I had to give a speech.

See Mom over there with the blue sweater?


...and I read an excerpt.

...and explain to St. John's people what was going on in 1959.


I hope I made myself clear.

My grandson Andrew said I made such a great speech that he relaxed and had a nap! haha

...and they lined up and I signed the books.

Joe, the limo driver was there to escort me back to the limo.

My brother Bruce had a license plate made for me.




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