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The Badger Riot

“Masterful storytelling . . . . J. A. Ricketts’s The Badger Riot is a rare combination
for a historical novel: It is gripping and accurate. It is historical
fiction done right.” — T H E G L O B E A N D M A I L

“While the book is a work of fiction, Ricketts’s human drama stays true to the
facts. Her novel relates political and historical events surrounding the strike,
and makes use of eye-witness accounts, but these are embedded within a
family story of the author’s imagining.” — T H E W E S T E R N S T A R

“Ricketts is very good at setting a scene, choosing details that stay with you.”
— T H E C H R O N I C L E H E R A L D

“The Badger Riot (Flanker Press) is a book that’s hard to put down. Perhaps
it’s because you know that the terrible evening is coming, but it’s also a
page turner because of the compelling characters . . .
— T H E N E W F O U N D L A N D H E R A L D

“Dedicated to the people of Badger and the loggers of Newfoundland, the
novel is as riveting as the violent image of the riot that remains embedded
in [Ricketts’s] mind.” — T H E W O R K E R S ’ V O I C E

“A strong sense of place is created by the use of dialect as well as evocative
descriptions of the natural grandeur of the area and its native past. The
tension generated by a long strike is well-crafted, and when their newly
formed union is abruptly decertified—an unforeseen betrayal by a wellliked
politician – the reader is as stunned and dismayed as the strikers.”
— T H E H I S T O R I C A L N O V E L S R E V I E W

“For readers interested in the story of Badger, the struggle for labour
reforms and Newfoundland’s move into the modern world, this is an excellent
book.” — A T L A N T I C B O O K S T O D A Y

“It’s actually a riveting piece of fictionized history that will have you
turning pages, caught up in the building tension.”
— L O R I ’ S B O O K N O O K

“The sense of time, place, character and action is vivid and compelling,
and the story is very hard to put down.” — R E S O U R C E L I N K S
“One of my favourite local novels of recent years . . .”
— T H E N O R T H E A S T A V A L O N T I M E S

“A truly remarkable novel, which could be accurately described as an epic.”
— T H E G U A R D I A N

The Badger Confession

“One of Ms. Ricketts’ most remarkable skills as a writer is her ability to
make her characters talk and act naturally; there is nothing stilted or artificial
about them.” — T H E G U A R D I A N

“With a nice touch for character, plot and dialogue, Ricketts is also able to
deftly embed sequences of factual information . . . adding to the genuineness
of the story.” — T H E T E L E G R A M

“Boy, Judy Ricketts, you tell a good story.”
— R A N D Y S I M M S , V O C M O P E N L I N E

“In a lot of ways, this is the perfect Newfoundland novel.”
— T H E N O R T H E A S T A V A L O N T I M E S

“As with its predecessor, many will be captivated by this rural
history of a small town in Newfoundland and its people.”
— A T L A N T I C B O O K S T O D A Y

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