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First Official Book Launch
Badger Town Hall, Badger, NL

Between Windsor and Badger is the Loggers Life Museum. I visited there three times during the writing of my book. It helped give me a true feel of the logging camps. I stopped in again on my way to the Badger launch. I wanted to show my daughter and granddaughter about a segment of life that they had never seen. We took some great pictures. The outdoor museum is truly worth a visit.

 Old friends from my childhood flocked to the Town Hall, friends from Grand Falls-Windsor came along and I was supported by my children and grandchildren and the Flanker Press family. We had a wonderful crowd and the seats were full. I was grateful and overwhelmed by the response.

It was first public speaking event. I had a wordy typed-written speech but I decided to put it aside and speak to the people from my heart to theirs. It must have been the right thing to do because they gave me a standing ovation!


Playing with the props at the Newfoundland Loggers Museum

My daughter cooking breakfast

This is a 'slut' and no I am
not talking about myself...LOL

My grand daughter stands in front of the oil barrel that was used for heating the bunk house.

Loggers' clothes hung to dry around the Makeshift stove.

Replica of a logging camp at the Loggers' Museum.

I am standing by the fella that I imagine is Rod and Katie is standing by Ralph.

Reading the panel of the IWA Strike.

My teacher grades 4,5,6,Ms Irene Matthews.

Mayor Bill Foley introduces us.

I talk but I don't know what I said.

People at the launch. Ted Patey is there in his wheelchair.

...and they gave me a standing ovation!


...the lineup was long......

Nicholas gave me a rose..........

Newfoundwebbers, an online chat group, who promoted my book.

the signing table....

Ms Matthews and some of her former students.

Advertiser, Grand Falls-Windsor, Sue Hickey, who interviewed me.

I seem to know what I am saying...........

Signing at the Exploits Valley Mall, Grand Falls-Windsor.

I am preparing the speech that I never read. I decided to speak from my heart to theirs.

A view of the people at the Badger launch.

One of my favourite pictures. Standing in line...........


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Tuesday, 19 January 2010